Publicly available global environmental layers

Some of the layers listed on this repository are only reformatted copies of the original grids, hence when citing the data please refer to the original data source. Most of maps listed on are in fact original products that can not be found elsewhere. For example, grid TDMMOD1a.tif shows the mean value of the complete 8-day time-series of MODIS Land Surface Images (LST). This is a layer derived by the GSIF development team and collaborators, and you will probably not be able to find these grids on the NASA's MODIS or similar repositories.

  • Edited by: T. Hengl et al.

Global grids are often produced within some specific application and project, therefore, the first step to systematize what is available is to sort various environmental layers by the theme and scale (i.e. level of detail in the input data). Via you can find systematic reviews of the public data sources (follow the links below). These reviews are periodically maintained by the GSIF development team and collaborators. They are only meant to serve as general inventories of what is available, not in-depth review articles. To contribute to this portal, consider submitting new data or registering on the DokuWiki. After you receive write access level, we will help you with maintaining the overview articles and the data you submit.

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